Terms and conditions


The car has been provider by the lessor to the hirer in good conditions. The hirer signing the present agreement has verified that the car is equipped of spare wheel, usual tools, triangle, car documents, sealed speedometer. The driver is responsible of the custody of all the parts above described and it is obliged to return the car in the same condition and with the same equipment except for the normal usage deterioration.


The Customer shall use the hired vehicle with reasonable care (Article 1001 of Civil Law) and as precisely provided for in the vehicle documents. The vehicle may be driven by the Customer or other persons by him named and holding a current driver’s licence issued at least a year ago. Costumer cannot exceed 100 Km a day for car use. Except for written authorization.


The Hirer shall deliver the vehicle at 7 pm, except for specific cases to be previously agreed upon in writing. If at least 24 hours before expiring of the return time the Customer gives notice to the Lessor of his intent to continue the hiring, this Agreement shall be extended to the effective day of return of the vehicle with no penalty charged, unless the car is already booked. In specific cases, a different term for giving notice may be established between parties preventively and in writing. If in 24 hours upon the return time the Lessor does not receive any communication by the Customer, the Lessor can refer to competent Authorities and start legal proceedings against the Customer for embezzlement of the hired vehicle.


The vehicle is not insured against theft. The Customer is liable for theft for an amount of € 7000. At the very moment of learning the fact, the Customer shall make a timely denunciation to competent Authorities and within 24 hours upon denunciation he/she shall consign the copy of the denunciation to the Lessor, together with all the keys received.


The Lessor disclaims any responsibility for lost or damage to any property transported, left or forgotten in the vehicle, either during or after the rental period, except when mentioned events are imputable to the Lessor’s fraud or guilt. Any demage to the car will be charged to the credit card provided by the customer.


The Hirer is liable for amends and fines to the vehicle for infringement of the “CODICE DELLA STRADA” (highway code) committed during the rental period. The Hirer shall reimburse to the Lessor the entire sum that the latter advanced to paying for the infringements stated herein, except for that which depends on possible late payment. In case of seizure of the vehicle as a consequence of facts imputable to the Customer or to the authorised driver, the Lessor is authorised to a minimum daily rental rate, the entire amount of which shall not, however, exceed the commercial value of the vehicle.


The Customer is liable for whatever damage the vehicle might suffer during the rental period in case of his responsibility, nothing will be due in case of third fault.


The Customer shall communicate to the Lessor by call the full circumstances of whatever accident, theft and fire happen as soon as practicable and in any case within the first working day upon learning of the event.


The Lessor performs repairing or ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance of the vehicle. If during the rental period an urgent need to perform such activities occurs, the Customer may provide for it upon written authorisation and at expense of the Lessor.


On collecting the vehicle, the Lessor needs to request the Customer to give the credit card number like warranty.

When you collect the car you need to provide two valid Visa o Mastercard credit cards that will be used to take a deposit. The amount of the deposit is 1000,00 euro.

The driver is responsable for any damage caused to the veicle during the rental period, the cost of each repair will be charged to the custumer’s credit card.


The Lessor can cancel this Agreement before its expiring in accordance with the Article 1456 of Civil Law when the Customer uses the vehicle improperly and differently from what is provided for by this Agreement, as well as in case of insolvency, bankruptcy or other legal proceedings against the Customer. The Customer can cancel this Agreement before its expiring in accordance with the Article 1456 of Civil Law if the vehicle and equipment stated in this Agreement are not suitable for use and utilisation.


The Customer has been warned that, in accordance with the Privacy Law No. 675/96 (“Law”), data supplied by him may be dealt with in respect of herein stated normative. In conformity with Law, Concerned person is Above mentioned data are to be used for economic purposes of the lessor, namely for: Settling and enforcement of Rental Car Agreements and possible agreements relative to them, as well as creation of a purposeful Customers Data Bank; Actuation of international paying system standards (e.g. bank transfers, credit cards, debt cards, etc.); Commercialisation/promotion activities. Above mentioned data can be used for economic purposes of the lessor in order to allow Public Authorities forwarding possible contests to the Customer responsible of violating Highway Code or other applicable rules, and to make possible the payment of relative fines by the Customer himself. At last, above mentioned data can be used by the lessor in accordance with the Article 24 of Law or action of Guarantor for the safeguard of personal data. Handling data shall be done by means of instruments suitable for guaranteeing their safety and discretion. Supplying data and approval of handling them are the Customer’s free choice and are necessarily functional for settling and the course of this Agreement. In conformity with the Article 13 of Law, the Customer may at any moment have the data concerning him/her adjourned, rectified or removed.


For anything not covered by this agreement, the tenant is returned to the condition referred to the site of the lessor agree to have read and accepted For the purposes of Articles. 1341, 1342 and 2222 of the Civil Code the parties declare that both have read, approved and accepted all the terms of this contract and specifically Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 finding them truthful, free from oppressive conditions and conformance to the actual willingness to negotiate and then again expressly approve